New Clarity

from by Tim Woulfe



there isn't always such clarity
it comes and goes
in wide billows

there isn't always a truth in mystery
it can keep you in the dark

but when the wind picks up
there is no mystery
we shudder and shake
and lose all control
this is how we learn to cope
this is how we learn to live
with insignificance in the face of elements
barreling in sharp and pointed when you least expect it
it blows you back

but watch how the blade of grass bends
or how the tree gets uprooted
or how your body is slowly sinking into the dirt
there is so much power in
standing still
or walking slowly
while the world unfolds
around you

there isn't always such clarity
but when it comes hold it close
or die searching for it's ghost


from Silence, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Tim Woulfe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

. . . wet gravel tack tack thawp . . .

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