Silence Breaks

from by Tim Woulfe



silence breaks the day
but when you're describing it
you've already ruined

silence breaks the day
and you can only live in it
if you don't acknowledge it

when i perceive silence
i move to fill it up
i move to feel busy
i move to ruin
but i hate this instinct
i want to feel still
i want to leave the world

so that silence breaks the day
waking up in the forest
or biking in the morning
silence breaks the day

it shows the love
for the old growth inside you
and how it's roots are buried
so deep
and when they're exposed
it brings out the best in you
that's why i'm happiest
sitting on a grassy rock face
watching waves crash on waves
and stone and pool

that's when silence breaks the day


from Silence, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Tim Woulfe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

. . . wet gravel tack tack thawp . . .

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